Update: $50 Smartboard — Success

It’s working! This is a quick, down and dirty video of the prototype. Most of our early problems came from our pen, but these were quickly resolved. After that, it was relatively easy to calibrate and it worked equally well on a whiteboard and on a light colored wall.

In the video I mistakenly mention that the pen’s button acts like the right mouse button, but it’s actually the left. Imagine interacting with any and all of your computer applications this way. There are some really interesting possibilities out there. I’m looking forward to experimenting with this using Word, Hot Potatoes web-based activities, and more. Do you have other ideas? Leave me a comment.


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3 responses to “Update: $50 Smartboard — Success

  1. sonja

    Nice job! That looks like fun.

  2. Matt Bernhardt

    Can I get specs for this? I -so- want to play with one of these…

  3. Glad you like, Matt. I’ve got more details on my website: http://esl.osu.edu/staff/hill/resources/50_dollar_smartboard.html

    Most of what you need should be there. Keep me updated on your progress!

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