Google Maps / YouTube Mashup

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.29.53 PM.png

This is a project of mine from a couple of years ago.  I haven’t mentioned it here before, though, and it’s still worth looking at.

My Google Maps / YouTube Mashup combines these two Web 2.0 technologies by linking student-created YouTube videos to points on a Google Map.  I have maps of Ohio State and the city of Columbus, Ohio (the same map, but viewed at different resolutions, and centered slightly differently) with lots of links to videos created by students at that location.

It took a little work to figure out how to do this, but Google provides lots of help for incorporating maps into your website.  Once I had that figured out, I just had to paste the YouTube info into the bubble that pops up.  If you’d like to try it, feel free to view the source of my page.  I know Google and YouTube have since worked out ways to do these things on their sites, but I’m proud to say I did it first.

Possible extensions could include having students do presentations on their hometown or country and then placing them on a world map or even using a tabbed pop-up bubble to allow viewers to toggle between video, audio, and text transcript.  There are lots of interesting possibilities yet to be explored.

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