How is technology changing learning?

I’m starting a short research project and looking for as many interesting responses to this question as possible:

How is technology changing learning?

It’s pretty general, and very open-ended, but that’s by design.  If you’ve perused much of my blog, you know that I’ve posted several of my own answers to this question.  But, this project isn’t about what I think; It’s about what you think.

Please leave comment(s) below.  And, if you know someone who might have an interesting answer, please invite him or her to comment as well.  Although you’ll be able to post your comments here until WordPress shuts its doors, I can only include them in my project if they’re posted by May 15, 2009.  Comments may be used for research, but don’t let that scare you off.  Once the project is complete, I’ll share some of the results here.



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3 responses to “How is technology changing learning?

  1. Hiya Chris!

    In my school technology is changing learning by allowing students from a less well off, semi rural school to connect each week (and more often) with students in other countries. This would have been unthinkable 109 or even 5 years ago.

    This authentic and “real” audience inspires the students to be more creative and put more effort into the work they produce to share online.

    Technology has added new ways for students to engage with the world. Of course is should be that it has *added* ways and not *replaced* the old ways that also worked well.

    My 2c!


    p.s. check our students here:

  2. For me, the biggest changes I’ve experienced with learning is that I feel less compelled to actually commit stuff to memory. The web remembers for me. I don’t need to know the answer, I need to know how to find the answer. I find myself remembering search terms I’ve used, rather than the URLs of the sites produced in those searches.

    Synthesizing multiple (sometimes contradictory) answers found online is another skill that I think is important as technology permeates our learning process. It’s important to be able to evaluate potential solutions using the knowledge we’ve already acquired.

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