Dot Com

Assorted big rusty mechanical gears.

Behind the scenes at

The domain was recently given to me to be used for this site.  The previous owner no longer wanted it so, rather than letting it expire, he transferred it to me.  If you type into your browser, you will now be forwarded to this blog.  Other than that, and adding “.com” to the top of this page, the rest of the inner workings will stay basically the same for now.  I’m really touched at the thoughtfulness of this gesture.  Thanks, Matt!


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2 responses to “Dot Com

  1. Matt Horne

    No problem. I’m just very happy to see it going to a good cause. Whenever domain names expire, the hosting companies snap them up in hopes of selling them for inflated prices to interested parties. No sense letting a very niche-specific name go to waste. Great blog. I’m honored to share the name.

    • Thanks again, Matt. I should point out that there were a couple of little glitches with the transfer process but Matt went out of his way to address them on his end. He probably didn’t think giving something away would be so much work, but I really appreciate the extra effort.

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