Digital Union Brownbag Resources

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There was a great turnout for the gaming brownbag at the Digital Union today.  (Thanks to everyone who came and joined in the discussion!)  In lieu of a handout, I provided a link to my blog.  Most of the resources I talked about are relatively easy to find here, but I thought I could make it easier by posting them all below.

WERTi System – Working with English Real Texts intelligently, developed by Detmar Meurers and others.

WERTi Firefox Extension – Still an alpha version, but fun to try out.

Blank or Blank Demo – A less enhanced version of the presentation gave today, posted on Slideshare.

OSU Game Based Learning Wiki – A place for OSU folks to connect with resources (and each other).

Collins’ Corpus Concordance Sampler – An example of an easy to use concordancer, likely a better source for Blank Or Blank that Google searches.

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