Edupunk: Lego Printer

It’s a bit random, but this YouTube video of a DIY Lego printer was recommended to me by a friend.  (Thanks, Lorrie!)  It’s not directly related to ESL, but it would probably give your students something to talk about.  I’ve always enjoyed seeing projects like this ever since building a $50 Interactive Whiteboard.  With the rise of and other open source and DIY sites, it’s amazing what people are able to build for themselves.  Having a team of Lego people “controlling” the printer is a really nice touch.


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2 responses to “Edupunk: Lego Printer

  1. Eric

    Could Lego create another manufacturing revolution by providing the “interchangeable parts” to people who provide the “assembly line” to create what they need? Need to upgrade the printer? No problem. Take apart the old one. Dowload some instructions. Buy some more legos if you need to and … upgraded/refurbished printer. What other products could they do this with?

    • I love the path your heading down, Eric. In fact, I think people who grew up with Lego are behind a lot of the DIY / edupunk movement. Building your own 3D scanner and 3D printer is not beyond the realm of possibility.

      This means we can not just build things out of Lego, but design and create our own modular parts in a Lego-like way. Designs can be shared online and improved via crowdsourcing. Prototype your designs with your 3D printer and then, if necessary, send the design files to have them reproduced in aluminum or whatever material is needed.

      In fact, Lego saw the benefit of crowdsourcing very early on: online communities of Lego builders exist to swap plans and designs created by users. And let’s not forget Lego Mindstorms that include a programmable block to create robots. Even the programming interface itself is very block-like and modular.

      Very exciting stuff indeed.

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