Create a Second Screen Video Experience in the Classroom

zits comic

Popular television shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead offer second screen experiences called “Story Sync” that let viewers to engage with additional content on their tablets and laptops while they watch. Free online polling software can be used to quickly and easily create a similar experience for students in the classroom. In this workshop at OSU’s Innovate Conference, participants will see an example second screen experience, learn about student reactions to this approach, and create their own, which will be shared during the workshop.

Examples you can use

You can use the following videos and screenshots in the second screen experience you create as part of this workshop, or you can use your own.  You can pause your video in the middle to ask a question, ask a question at the end, or both.

1. Forrest Gump – meeting Jenny

forrest gump screenshot

2. The King’s Speech

kings speech screenshot

3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

planes trains screenshot

Your turn

If you are participating in this conference, and you create a second screen experience, post a link to the video to watch (i.e. the first screen experience) and your room number in the comments so that we can share what you’ve made.


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6 responses to “Create a Second Screen Video Experience in the Classroom

  1. Take my survey! First screen video: and then go to room #661104 for the second screen. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    ; Take my survey! Screen video: and Socrative Room: 781241

  3. Cheryl – Video
    Socrative Room 121072

  4. Tracey

    OK, here is mine! 🙂

    Video: (start at 1:41)
    Socrative Room: 900716

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