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$50 Interactive Whiteboard Demo

Here is the video from my demonstration last week.  I’ve included examples of interacting with web documents, text documents, hot potatoes activities, Google Maps, games, and more.  I even gave Rob his Wiimote back and bought my own.  (Thanks for … Continue reading


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Interactive Whiteboard FAQ (Wii)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Wiimote-based $50 Interactive Whiteboard. Continue reading


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More Interactive Whiteboards, Please

Ivan and I presented the $50 Interactive Whiteboard to a standing-room-only audience of other teachers of English to speakers of other languages at Ohio TESOL this weekend.  Not only have I now distributed all five from my original Ohio TESOL … Continue reading


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Successful Deployment of Interactive Whiteboard

I got a chance to use the $50 Interactive Whiteboard in class today and it worked … eventually. I won’t say there weren’t challenges, but most of them were due to the fact that I had just downloaded everything to … Continue reading

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Interactive Whiteboard Grant

Just got back from a weeklong family vacation and have good news: I have been awarded a $500 grant by Ohio TESOL to create 5 Interactive Whiteboard prototypes (5 cameras, 10 IR pens).  So, I’ll have one in my classroom … Continue reading


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$50 Smartboard

I’ve always been interested in interactive whiteboards (aka Smartboards) but they always seemed a little unattainable at a cost of several thousand dollars. When I saw the TED Talk about $50 Smartboards created from a Nintendo Wii controller (a Wiimote), … Continue reading

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Kinect-Based IWB

The Kinect-Based Interactive Whiteboard is coming. Someone just has to put the pieces together. Continue reading


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Edupunk: Lego Printer

It’s a bit random, but this YouTube video of a DIY Lego printer was recommended to me by a friend.  (Thanks, Lorrie!)  It’s not directly related to ESL, but it would probably give your students something to talk about.  I’ve … Continue reading


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Crowdsourcing Meta-Resources

Can lists of audio resources for ESL be crowdsourced and mashed up? I’m ready to find out. Continue reading


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Smartboard Trials and Tribulations

Reflections on my Smartboard test-drive. The hardware is really good, as long as you don’t have to move it. Continue reading


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