Posts tagged with Inspiration will include things that may not be immediately applicable to classroom teaching but (hopefully) inspire ESL teaching and / or learning in some way. Vague? Perhaps. But these are items that may lead you down an interesting path or give you ideas for something new to try. Or, occasionally, they are just fun, cool, or worth checking out for their own merit. Of course, you can leave a comment if you come up with a clever way to use these inspirations in a classroom setting.

3 responses to “Inspiration

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  2. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Castillo

    Great Information…Congratulations…I am doing a Masters Thesis study on “The Use of Childrens Programs To Enhance Students Communicative Competence In English As A Second Language, I am incorporating technology and education as a supporting base for my research here in Puerto Rico…if you have any ideas, kindly let me know.

    Jose Antonio

    • Sounds like a great topic, Jose. What do you mean by Childrens’ Programs? Television programs? Computer programs? Language programs? There is lots of interesting work that can be done here. Best of luck!

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