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Grant in Action – Bob’s Got One

Bob tries out his $50 Interactive Whiteboard. Bob tries out his $50 Interactive Whiteboard. Bob tries out his $50 Interactive Whiteboard.

Bob tries out his $50 Interactive Whiteboard.

I’ve been buying up parts galore for my $50 Interactive Whiteboard grant. Got 5 Wiimotes and am working on 2 pens for each.  (I’ve bought up 2 Radio Shacks worth of infrared LEDs!) So far Bob and Ivan have theirs are are working on ways to use them.

Here are some photos of Bob taking his for a test drive.  It definitely takes some getting used to.  It’s easy to block the camera or change the angle of the pen, which can affect where the infrared light beam shines and, consequently, where the computer reads your mouseclick.

But, it’s lots of fun.  Bob left with a big grin and is eager to bring this technology to the classroom.  Special thanks again to Peter, ESL Tech Support, for helping to get everything up and running smoothly.  Look for more early results soon.

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Interactive Whiteboard Grant

Just got back from a weeklong family vacation and have good news: I have been awarded a $500 grant by Ohio TESOL to create 5 Interactive Whiteboard prototypes (5 cameras, 10 IR pens).  So, I’ll have one in my classroom starting this fall (as soon as I get everything uploaded to my MacBook) and so will a couple of colleagues who expressed an interest.  That leaves two more, so, if you’re reading this, you’re an ESL (or other language) teacher in Ohio, and you’re interested in trying one out, leave me a comment.  I might just send you one.

Check out my previous posts on this project and stay tuned to see what we come up with.  Should be interesting.


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$50 Interactive Whiteboard Demo

Here is the video from my demonstration last week.  I’ve included examples of interacting with web documents, text documents, hot potatoes activities, Google Maps, games, and more.  I even gave Rob his Wiimote back and bought my own.  (Thanks for the longterm loan, Rob!)  The next step is to put the software on my Macbook so that I can use it in any classroom equipped with a digital projector, which is almost all of the ones I teach in.


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