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Digital Union Brownbag Resources

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There was a great turnout for the gaming brownbag at the Digital Union today.  (Thanks to everyone who came and joined in the discussion!)  In lieu of a handout, I provided a link to my blog.  Most of the resources I talked about are relatively easy to find here, but I thought I could make it easier by posting them all below.

WERTi System – Working with English Real Texts intelligently, developed by Detmar Meurers and others.

WERTi Firefox Extension – Still an alpha version, but fun to try out.

Blank or Blank Demo – A less enhanced version of the presentation gave today, posted on Slideshare.

OSU Game Based Learning Wiki – A place for OSU folks to connect with resources (and each other).

Collins’ Corpus Concordance Sampler – An example of an easy to use concordancer, likely a better source for Blank Or Blank that Google searches.

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I’m Getting Smart

Get SMART.  (Or build your own!)

Get SMART. (Or build your own!)

Well, I’m getting a SMART board.  Ivan (of Ivan’s Insight fame) was interested in their Airliner Wireless Slate so when the Digital Union announced it’s SMART Seed program, he applied and put me down for one of their portable interactive boards.  We figured it might help our chances if we talked about how awarding us this technology would put it in twice as many hands as awarding it to just one person.  We must have convinced them.

After I heard the results from Ivan, I had mixed emotions.  Was this abandoning the $50 version?  Was I selling out?

Not exactly.  I’m looking forward to getting some firsthand experience with a SMART board.  I’m also curious to know more about how SmartTech enables users to connect are share info and ideas with each other (something that needs to be done with the home-built versions as well).  And, finally, will the slick plug-and-play corporate version, which should eliminate most of the hassle that goes along with the cheaper version, really be worth the price?

So, look for reports here once we get them in our hot little hands.  And thanks to Ivan for getting this done!

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